Fortel Services is a leading Labour supplier in the UK with Offices in West Midlands and Kent. Headed by Sat Nijjer since 2012, the company is forcasted to deliver a revenue in excess of £100M+, and has consistency been rated as one of the best labour suppliers in the UK. Their recent projects include working on HS2.

Fortel Owner Mr. Sat Nijjer also announces Fortel’s partnership with Supply Chain Sustainability School. Fortel’s commitment towards tackling the social and environmental challenges in and around West Midlands and Birmingham has contributed to this partnership. In 2017, Fortel has secured the partnership status with the Supply Chain Sustainability Schools with a network of over 60 major contractors, clients and Tier1 suppliers to build supply chain skills.

Please visit our site https://fortel.co.uk/ and do register with us if you have any labour requirements. We are known in the industry for tailoring solution to our customer’s business needs and provide a custom solutions that works best for our customers unique requirements.