Checkout Check In to New Premises After Move

Thanks to the relocation specialist for help during the lockdown in moving the online payment processing company into the new premises.

The move of the office from Wells Mews in Fitzrovia district of London to a recently refurbished office in Hackney at Shepherdess Walk was done with help from Nexus who has a specialty in the services of environmental hygiene and relocation.

Before the Covid-19, Checkout planned the latest move after outgrowing its old site and entering into near office. Checkout has a total staff of 400.

Even during the crisis, Fitout Expert and Nexus joined forces and confirmed a delicate move-in in 10 weeks towards a new four-floor premise on an 18,000sq ft area, all while keeping in view the social distancing.

In this move-in, the technology support was offered by Nexus. Technology support like points of Wi-Fi access, installation of new tech, and IT equipment setup for 700 desks was given by Nexus. Some more help like Planning assistance and fitting of furniture was given too.

Fortel Nijjer managing director, Jot Engelbrecht said that he takes pride in all parties for showing such flexibility and professionalism and it was great to be a part of this remarkable project.

He also told that with projects of such scale there’s bound to be some minor complications and due to the pandemic, the complications were exacerbated but we worked and struggled and succeeded in going through every obstacle that was thrown their way.

He assured that environmental hygiene expertise is used so that the safety standards will be of high caliber. Social distancing, working practices, and working timelines, everything was done, ending the project in good time while also ensuring the highest standards of safety. He also showed his gratitude in helping Checkout to move into their new space by saying that they feel delighted to help and they felt safe in doing all of it as the number one priority right now for everyone is hygiene of the environment.