EnviroSmart programme : Assisting retail to return to business

On its business return, a luxury retail group is assisted by the unique plan of a company of environmental protection and hygiene-related to customers and staff’s ongoing protection.

Nexus partnership with Mark Rollins, specialist of environmental health, invented the EnviroSmart programme which uses the app technology, products of environmental hygiene that are at their top range, programmes for creative risk assessment, they want to keep the staff protected that’s why they are providing clients with a continued approach.

Throughout the UK, all the stores that are owned by LVMH have been implemented with this Envirosmart programme. Brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior are also being covered.

Now as the lockdown is ending, the UK will be coming out in phases and this comes as the retail industry is getting prepared to reopen its doors.

According to the Nexus managing director, Jot Engelbrecht, sustained hygiene of the environment is a common problem in many retail businesses as we are getting ready for normal times.

He also said that now more than ever people will be looking for the environmental hygiene and protection of the next level when they will come back, every industry, business, or organization will be deep-cleaned or sterilized.

He remarked on the programme that this programme will mainly help in, facilitating the change in behaviour, providing products of supreme quality, giving data to the clients to show them the effectiveness of the work that is done.

At the programme’s heart lies sustained compliance, with the continuing audits giving good training, measurable results, improvement areas, and compliance.

If we see from the perspective of a product, Zoono antimicrobial hand and surface sanitizer by Nexus, which is growing in popularity very rapidly due to the antimicrobial technology used in it which is environment friendly and which gives clients a patented long-lasting effect.

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