2019 An exceptional year for Fortel: Progress, People, and Promise

Fortel had a remarkable 2019, they made new partnerships in business, participated in a few thrilling projects, and above all, provided a huge amount of support to the people and their community in a broader way.

When the work was starting on their new headquarters, issues within the sector and future plans for the business were debated overall with influential national and regional politicians

2020 is now halfway and feels like things will soon get back to normal so it feels significant to step back a bit from the current global climate and see Fortel’s progress in their remarkable year.


The company is proud of its people as they are demonstrating the UK’s workforce of thousands. At the heart of their operation, Inclusion, diversity, and equity sits at the heart.

HS2 recognized their focus on EDI last year as a video’s partemphasizing their approach towards the issue.

As a good practice sample, Fortel’s partnership with Balfour Beatty was used specifically.

In a video, CEO Sat Nijjer on speaking about Fortel’s approach towards EDI said that now Fortel is able to reach the talent pools that are under-presented and difficult to reach, but Fortel can reach to them now with our workforce’scontinuous development and local communities engagement. Fortel can now bring those talent pools into the construction industry.

Through the Walsall Works scheme, Walsall council’s support for the community can be seen.

Local people are supported in finding training, jobs, and apprenticeships, by Walsall Works, while they can also support local business sectors that are thinking about expanding their workforce and invest in it. Walsall Council funds Walsall Works which is an award-winning initiative.

In local authority eyes, Fortel stands out as a good practice example because their main aim is to support the community’s people, it doesn’t matter if it is through their involvement in the development of apprentice and strategic boards or something else.


During 2019, Fortel has helped in forging progress on some major national significance projects, including the Mersey Gateway.

Between Widnes and Runcorn town, over the Mersey, there is a new six-lane toll bridge known as the Mersey Gateway, which puts an ease to the old and congested Silver Jubilee Bridge meanwhile making a broader project’s part for improving the infrastructure around the Mersey crossings.

As the project’s chosen organization for labour supply, Forteljoined forces with its clients for providing blue-collar construction workers that are highly skilled and motivated, that is how Fortel is contributing towards the calculated effort of 5 million hours that is needed for the structure’s creation.

There was another significant project last year that people contributed in, the M6 Smart Motorway project which is still ongoing.

At Fortel’s peak time on this specific project, the client was supported by Fortel on-site with up to 100 workers.


Social value is something that Fortel has focused on from the time they started. By 2019, across all the sectors, the important and common talking point was the social value’s importance.

Fortel visited Punjab, India in November 2019 for giving free support, and free medical assistance. They also funded in cataract operations, eye tests, and hearing aids purchase for those people who are not capable of affording medical care and also supplying some free disability equipment all across the region to the hospitals and schools.

Fortel was invited to talk on different challenges, for instance, upskilling of workforces, local employment, and more, and they felt extremely proud of the invitation. Last year, the discussion also included the presence of Andy Street who is Mayor of West Midlands Metro and Priti Patel who is the Home Secretary.

For people in our region who have difficulty in reaching communities, Fortel wants to help them by having a key role and function in building prospects of employment in the coming years.

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