Fortel Nijjer Sat joined the family-owned business as operations director

Current CEO of Fortel, Sat Nijjer, joined the BAME family-owned business as operations director in 2005 after completing a BSc in Computer Science and beginning a career in investment banking.

A major shareholder in Fortel, Sat Nijjer became chief executive in 2012, the second generation of the family to lead the company and continue on the successful legacy.

Fortel is proud to have built a vibrant, diverse and representative workforce at all levels of seniority.  Leadership and senior staff at Fortel are also encouraged to build self-awareness of their own biases and continue to continuously learn, as we recognise that Diversity and Inclusion is an ever-evolving landscape.

As a way to give back and invest back into the community, Fortel engages with local leaders and community groups to help build a lasting, measurable social legacy, with the encouragement of inclusion and progression at the heart of every value and principle. 

CEO, Sat Nijjer, says: ‘As a BAME business owner, I recognise that it is of the utmost importance to celebrate diversity in our industry and beyond.